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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

going back and forth between marathoning Sesame Street and Castlevania this week sure is something else…..the monster at the end of the story is Dracula apparently LOL

would you let her give you the covid vaccine ??😳😳🤒🤒💉💉‼️‼️

Look at this REALLY CUTE and WONDERFUL art by Minty that I commissioned!!! Please follow her!!! 🥺❤💙


by the end of this week i’m going to know so many Sesame Street songs

You all have reached the final goal! So here I am! (Art for the png model is by the absolutely amazing and wonderful, !) I am Muryokusho "Yokusho" Ryumao, and It is so nice to officially meet you all! (PNGTuber Debut date coming soon!)

☀️ good morning 🍯 おはにー 🤍 slowly but surely waking up _(:3 」∠)_ one day I’ll be back to my old sleep schedule….one day…..

watching streams is making me sleepy tonight TvT y’all have such nice voices

i can be cute too....! (only when i have a stuffy nose) thank you so much to for the very lovely animated icon!!! 😭💖☔️

candy cats playing in pancakes 🥞🐈

how did i get in here???(。・ω・。)

Will be streaming in a bit! I'm just making fries uwu, i'll continue the model art for Fabio's model from @/Captandprince

SCHEDULE FOR 10/17 - 10/23 STREAMS FANART MEMES This is my first shot at a schedule and it'll probably change if I can do any better lol I'm gonna try a few games this week! Hopefully playing these games with you will make it less scary. 🥲

being on est is weird :(;゙゚'ω゚'):

the coffee was much needed 🥺 headache is gone and now finally feel like i can sleep gonna watch streams instead of sleeping tho but sssshhhh don’t mention it

listen i know it’s nighttime but i desperately need coffee and the second i get home I Will Drink Two Whole Pots. that is all

…….carl wheezer singing e-girls are ruining my life……please help i can’t stop cry laughing why does this exisjtndmckskdkfi

And we all thought he died.

"Wha... Is there something on my cheek Soldier?" "......" "Wait... not that hard... I might enjoy it..." Thanks for the edit. Go follow @/dEi_pft for the original asset. |

I covered ''The Vampire / ヴァンパイア '' by DECO*27 Video will be premiering on my YouTube channel on October 17th! 🦇🦇🦇 Art by: @/pierrotsdoll 🧛Waiting room in the tweet below!🧛