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namjoon’s endearing reaction when mono released was so genuine. his album brings a journey of true emotions and comfort. thank you for sharing your masterpiece with the world. 💜

happy 3 years with the masterpiece that is ‘mono’, this healing gift our namjoonie gave to us ♡ let’s celebrate ♡

"mono" is a lyrical masterpiece by Kim Namjoon that depicts human emotions and comforts one's soul – a mono anniversary thread🤍

3 years ago, RM released his 2nd mixtape 'mono' and since its release, has created and broken countless records. The unpromoted, self produced, free mixtape has 7 songs all written by RM. Join us as we celebrate 3 years with the playlist Namjoon shared with us

🌙 Healing with 'mono.'🌙 It had been nearly a month after released his playlist but you could tell how excited and proud he still felt about it 🔗 RAINING LOVE FOR RM

Thank you, Namjoon. Three years ago "mono." playlist changed everything for me, I still can remember where I was, what I was doing and what I felt when it was released 💙

Happy 3rd year anniversary to the album that become our sanctuary and comfort all throughout the years. For being a companion on a bad days and a strength. Will always be grateful for your music, Joon.

🌙 Healing with 'mono.' 🌙 Thank you, , for blessing our lives with one of your most passionate works. We wish we could let thank you and let know how much 'mono.' has done for us. Love you.


endearing namjoon gives much comfort🥺

. online concert 'PTD ON STAGE' will held on 24th. The stage set of various concepts, state-of-the-art technology that adds vitality, and the splendid performance of BTS will be held in a 'best-of-breed' performance at the large stadium performance hall +

pls he owns my heart 🥺😭

ot7 visuals are so superior… WHEW 😵‍💫🥵

In a surprise move, is exiting its deal with Sony Music’s Columbia Records and Orchard distribution to partner with Universal Music Group, Variety has confirmed.

what if,, joon back tattoo 🌱