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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Please explain how this works??????

It's times like theses that I think being gay and a girl are Similar when it comes to dating.

If any of you do make sure your gay,like me and live locally.

People really need to learn about the handling of hiv/aids by Thatcher and her govt .

I'm I the only one who expects to wake up not tired and refreshed after 8 hrs of sleep?

If we got her to the British Embassy what could Iran do legally? Couldn't that of been done while she was not in prison, And there would of been issue getting her out but atleast she would atleast be under protection of Brits, I think.

Or we could all trya thing called being gay. No chance of accidentally creating a small Human thing then. Also gets rid of straight crush's which is hell.

Why is it so neat tho. I just Chuck it all on a plate. Unless I'm feeling fancy then I might place it gently.

What is it with football twitter thinking that having a face in your pfp can be used to atack me. Like yes hoe I put it there I know what It look's like

Anyone who then makes it across should be taken back to theses center's and processed there . If there claim fails that's then on file and if they try to claim again there removed to another safe country or whatever is set up.

Now to stop people coming over,and in turn the Human smugglers.we should have a processing point in France,or turkey or wherever and process them there and then bring them to the UK once processed. A

Let's just skip the maritime law and all. I don't care the reason is if someone is drowning in front of me,no matter the craft I'm in,I'll try rescue them. I.e get in the water and hold them afloat,I could not watch someone drown and any sailor who could should leave the role.

Oh and then there's this.

This just came up on my timeline and I went back to the young 12/13 to gaye living in a homophobic house still trying to work life out.

Why don't you just,I don't know.....turn the heat down? Just a thought.might work?

Only bad thing I see in this is paras. (Obviously I don't condemn doing it ect ect)

A sudden cardiac arrest will cause the heart to stop beating & breathing may be abnormal or stop. Blood won't be pumped to the brain or other vital organs. Every minute without reduces the chance of survival.

Hmm.i wondering what that 3 day gap was for? No statement of apologies or anything shamfull. will you make a public apology?

Showing that we have more in common then we have that seperates us.