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When all the members discharge from military, I promise that I'm still here to welcome them back. Will bookmark this tweet coz I will be rt'ing this in the year 2027❤️

W ciągu 12 miesięcy od wyroku Trybunału Konstytucyjnego Aborcja Bez Granic pomogła zrobić aborcję 34 tysiącom Polek. Kobiety zastąpiły państwo, które je zawiodło. To jest prawdziwe siostrzeństwo. Zakazy nic tu nie dadzą - aborcja była, jest i będzie.

Don’t mind me just putting this wholesome Jooheon and Wonho moment back on the timeline


MONSTA X Minhyuk to host his last broadcast for Naver NOW radio programme 'VogueShip Show' on October 27 This comes before MONSTA X's domestic November comeback, full length English album and lineup inclusion in iHeartRadio's 'Jingle Ball' tour Source:

達と皆で一緒に浮かれたいCountdown Party 🎉 WONHO 日本デビューシングル 💿「ON THE WAY~抱きしめるよ~」 2021.10.27 release D-5 💙💙💙💙💙

This is the most beautiful masterpiece I have ever seen/heard. Everyone should own it.

Bardzo silny wiatr. Drzewa się kładą. Ale ja jestem bezpieczna w domu. W lesie przy granicy są ludzie, matki z dziećmi a zapewne i dzieci same. Zagubione, przerażone. Nie mają gdzie uciec. Nie mają domu. Z obu stron nieludzie w mundurach, ból i przemoc. I smierć.

On this day, 3 years ago, MONSTA X released the MV for their title track 'SHOOT OUT' along with their 2nd full album Take.1 ARE YOU THERE?

78만원 번 호슥이

throwback to the day when monsta x cried on stage for getting the 4th win for "shoot out"

Btw I dreamt about Jooheon posting on fancafe a screenshot listening to “BLUE” with the caption “love u hyung” 🤭💙 bye.

Wonho singing Love U because we really got robbed here

~ COMING SOON ~ Super Bowl season may be over in WENEE land but something else is just around the corner! 2021.10.23 💙

it's been 721 days, and I still miss them together as 7

a monbebe sent in a story in which the man turned out to be a jerk and kihyun was getting angry about it. changkyun immediately noticed and rubbed kikis arm telling him not to get too worked up about it yet 😂

Thank you so much and ! 🙏🏻❤️ The jacket and the Weneebong arrived fast and safely! I love them so much, can’t wait to use them 🤩💙 (I enjoyed it a lot!)


바쁜 와중에 도와준 허니짱 평상시에도 사람들 너무 생각하는 허니짱 너무 고마워 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ진짜 끝까지 화이팅!!!!!!!