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Jessica William

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“I see soon-to-be-dead people.”

Oath Keepers In The State House: How A Militia Movement Took Root In The Republican Mainstream

Today’s Labor Department unemployment report proves one thing: it’s time to stop blaming benefits for so-called labor shortages. A quick thread:

The irony is exactly what you would expect. Trump's vaporware un-social media platform is called Pravda.

Baltimore — I got your note. I hear you, and I’m working on some things that I think will help.

My Agenda means all 3- and 4-year-olds in Maryland will be able to attend high quality preschool. And it will cut child care costs for middle income families by half. More than 100,000 students in Maryland will get more help paying for college through an increase in Pell grants.

I’m heading to Baltimore today to talk about all the ways my agenda will improve things for folks in your city, the state of Maryland, and across the country. And P.S. if you see me around town today — you can always call me Joe.

It's about power, not protecting the public.

Well said Jon! 100%

They MUST be fired. Perhaps this will be a way of cleansing the bad apples? An interesting take on *police reform* perhaps. 🤔

Not to mention that it’s the leading cause of death for police

Same as Healthcare providers. There is no difference in regard to their service to society and the need for them to be vaccinated. Healthcare providers, Law Enforcement, School teachers/College professors all need to care about community more than their "right" to avoid vaccines.

Police officers who refuse to comply with mask or vaccine mandates should find another line of work. They come into close contact with the public on a daily basis, and it’s simply inexcusable for them to knowingly put civilians at risk.

A core mission of govt is to preserve public health & safety. Officers who refuse to comply with mask & vaccine mandates during a pandemic should not only be disciplined, they should be immediately fired. BTW, I bet we would be getting rid of the worst of the bad apples.

"[Biden] wants to make sure that people understand this is a bill for hard-working middle class Americans: health care, the expansion of Medicare, the children's tax credit... all of those things are important to everyday Americans" - w/

Seattle Fire Department: 93% vaccinated.

If you choose to be in a profession that requires you to interact with the public — police officer,healthcare worker, EMT/paramedic,teacher, bus driver, waiter/waitress,store clerk,etc — you should get vaccinated.Not just to protect yourself, but to protect others. --Jon Cooper

If we want our votes to count, we MUST modify the filibuster now. Pass it on.