Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Guys, I’m going to be mia for awhile. We have had a sudden death in the immediate family and we are heartbroken beyond words. Hug your loved ones. Love you all~ Julie

Have a good day, everyone❤️🌿☺️

how y'all take 20-40 minute naps mine be like 2-4 hours 😭

BTW, for a sneak peek at the assembled team each week go to the Hashtagger's Bible at ! 😉

Consider. & of are taking a journey to your imagination w/ & this week! Saturday at Midnight ET Come join the party! I❤️ has ALL the tags!

He won’t have no one to slap.

FBI says a comparison of dental records confirmed the remains are Brian Laundrie. Brian Laundrie is dead.

Twitter unfollowing people for you 🤨

Today’s hashtag game is: Follow your hosts and PLAY NOW with and !

Cheated and went to the beach. Bbq smoked with bacon oysters Shrimp, halibut skewer Potatoes and Cole slaw – at The Crab Cooker

Sometimes, cake is the answer

We have a great line up of guest for this weekend! Just see for yourself! Image taken from the Hashtagger's Bible, 's 's blog at

BREAKING NEWS: Coroner arrives at Florida park after items belonging to Brian Laundrie found

Bought the halloween candy early on sale thinking I’m not gonna eat it…. And what did I do?? I now I’m emailing ….telling them sales on candy so early is detrimental to my diet.

Back to I don’t wanna get out of bed because it’s so cold… lol it’s 48°. 🤣

Veggie sauté with Spike seasoning and Tamari 🙌

making one person piss their pants today🤣

ANNOUNCEMENT: Wednesday, October 20, is ' Birthday! Play her game Midnight of that night to see it in and join us the following evening to see it out! Image from the hashtagger's bible, 's 's blog.