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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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Y'know because of my new angel duties, overall lack of time, and the bunch of asset work I have to do because of the donothon... I'm not gonna stream v much for a bit. Gonna keep my head down, show up on collabs, and work until I'm ready... To REDEBUT~ 🌟u🌟

I want a mommy that is so much bigger than me that when she grabs my hips she can almost make her fingers and thumbs into a full circle around them

make 1 layer grape and the other layer strawberry and add some bananas please :)

imagine holding my liddle 4'7" self bridal style as you carry me to the kitchen then setting me down on the counter so you can make me a double decker PBJ

be honest with yourself when you're in pain. ignoring it will only make it worse

loli memes make me very very happy tbh


Feel free RT to claim


i am smol and gay and snuggly and i love celeste a lot mgonna go bed nini ❤️

I feel so much lighter now

anyway Hollow Knight is a good game and you should play it :)

the whole area feels hostile, but not like Deepnest does. Deepnest feels like you're plunging into uncharted wildlands, teeming with life. The abyss feels like you fell into a grave and it wants you to LEAVE.

there's not even much Geo to be found here. the ghosts drop nothing and the crawlies only drop 1-2 at a point in the game where basic enemies drop a dozen or more.

the floor is made of cast-off, broken masks- ones that look like the one YOU wear- and rattles like bones when you walk on it. everything is eerily grayscale. There is no music. The darkness literally lashes out at you from puddles in the ground.

It's incredibly dangerous, and the only creatures you can find within are mindless crawling insects and ghosts that do double damage, appear in swarms, and don't give you resources to heal.

Sometimes I think about how effective the Abyss is in Hollow Knight at conveying the single idea that You Should Not Be Here.