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Jessica William

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This was me in Artsakh in 2017. I would like to go again at some point. Artsakh is a free land. It needs to be recognized as such.

Mount Ararat in all its glory! It’s fantastic to be back in Armenia.

I‘ll be in Yerevan from this Saturday. Let’s have a beer and debate politics or just what the best Armenian food is, shall we? Send me a DM if you’d like to make a new friend 😉

Controversy erupted after the Hayastan All Armenian Fund transferred 60% of funds donated during & after the war to the state budget. The absence of a complete audit almost a year since it was first proposed leaves donors still asking “where is the money?”

Experiences with car rental companies in Armenia? Recommendations? My favourite company ceased operations.

After a long day of work on the road, I was greeted by this trashcan, in all its glory. It may not be shiny or new, but it sure as hell gets the job done. (LONG) 1/9

There is a skirmish at positions near the village of Harav in the Republic of . This was reported to Sputnik Armenia by the village head Andranik Ghazaryan. “Shots have been heard for quite a long time, there is no panic in the village” said Ghazaryan

I accept the (very hard!) challenge from . I admit I went for some of the more touristy places, but they are also very symbolic to me. I pass the challenge to , and

Thank you for 500 followers! I‘m glad and a bit surprised that so many people are interested in an outsiders view on what’s happening in the South Caucasus. I‘ll definitely keep tweeting and interacting with you guys.

Clever librarians. You don’t have to ask.

Iran And India Opt For Armenia Instead Of Azerbaijan For Regional Connectivity Project

Some of my sources in hospitals and morgues in Donetsk and Luhansk areas of of eastern Ukraine under Russia control say they haven’t seen bodies pile up like they are now with Covid victims since the war was hottest in 2014-15. Videos circulating on Telegram also suggest this.

Շատերին ավելի անհանգստացնում է քովիդի պատվաստանյութի ենթադրյալ բացասական ազդեցությունը, քան էն իրական ազդեցությունը, որ ունի քովիդը ու արտահայտվում է մեկ օրում 43 մարդու մահով։ 43 մարդ։

Happy 2803rd birthday Yerevan😍!

Today is the day of . This year marks 2803rd anniversary of our beloved & lovely capital. Our millennial capital, evergreen Yerevan, will always continue to be the pioneer of prosperity of our homeland & sweet home for all |ns!! 🥳📸: Vahagn Grigoryan

Wow - Armenia has a very serious disinformation problem.

In 2020, Armenian AIDS center was merged with Nork Hospital. Dozens of people lost jobs. Now a party leader managed to unite them into an movement. Thus, we have a group of prominent epidemiologists actively spreading anti-vaccine disinfo. Truly tragic.

The delegation of at the UN is very busy again, making up fake accusations against Armenia “sponsoring terrorism”, as always, with no factual evidence whatsoever. Talk is cheap, and so is bad faith argument this country has officially embraced as its modus operandi…

South Caucasus governments: Look at us, we respect human rights and freedom of expression. Now give us those EU funds. Also South Caucasus governments: