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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I’m your biggest fan💙💙💙💙

It's even hypocritical to be supporting this killer government and still be taking part in trending EndSars, that means you are aware this government killed its youths but you instead what to support killers and still mourn the killed

Today we honour those innocent lives lost exactly a year ago at Lekki toll gate 🇳🇬💔

If this pops on your timeline, retweet with anger. 20.10.20!

It will only cost you $0.00 to RT

This time last year we were outside, fighting for our lives, for our freedom, some got back home, some never returned. In all of these, there was a good show of what the coconut head generation could achieve when we come together as one. There is Hope

Pass it on 🕊

“We may never get justice, but we must never forget”

We're readyyy. Moving at 8

Uber/Bolt: FAQs Answered (Rider Edition) 1. Why do drivers click arrived before arriving? a. They want you to start getting ready before they get to you OR b. They don't wish to take that trip. So they "arrive", you don't see them then you're forced to cancel.

If you are organizing any gatherings tomorrow outside Lagos please send me a DM. We will like to ensure that we have lawyers on standby in your location. Please help RT for awareness.

One important thing is missing., Employ about 15 drone Cameras to fly around and cover the whole movement., it's checkmate.

Why is Tiwa having sex strange? What’s wrong with y’all? She no go fok?

Y’all reuploading the tiwa video are sick

Social Fiesta was a hit 🎯🔥 outdid herself. Shutdown Princess Of Africa

Random person; I’m not coming to social fiesta tomorrow I don’t think it’ll be fun Me; efile e jo ko miss body go tell am😂

Me; Are You going to social fiesta tomorrow? Everyone; yessssss😌

Me staring at my clothes for

You’re missing social Fiesta ke?

All these at one party? 😱 isn’t an event you should miss. 🧏🏾‍♀️🦅