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Jessica William

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“I’m so nervous I’m going to have to eat a potato” Lady Jade Thirlwall, 2021

Stationhead Jade gave TikTok Jade a run for her money with these comments, Miss Thirlwall was on 🔥 today

“Do you have an assistant” “I do actually, they’re called Jade and Perrie” when I tell you I HOWLED at this

You don’t even know how badly I want tickets to closing night at the o2, surely you can make this wish come true and hook me up with two tickets 😭

Little Mix have a hit incoming

Honoured to have just been part of an exclusive Jade Thirlwall LSL performance, you absolutely smashed them adlibs hun✌🏼

Pls say someone screen recorded Jade singing along to the beginning of LSL ☠️

It’s official Jade Thirlwall’s biggest fan is Jade Thirlwall

5 tweets from the account today and not one of them is a single announcement…do you know how many mini heart attacks these notifications have given me today 🙃

To think there was a time Disora really had me thinking I was going to be spending my life savings on a sofa 😅

Radio One playing Love (Sweet Love) every morning this week at prime morning commute time = single announcement soon right? 🤔

“I Love You is my favourite Little Mix song ever” hearing Leigh say this on the podcast makes me even happier that we got it on iTunes Charts across the world 🥺

So it’s been a rollercoaster week for Mixers & I feel the only thing to make everything okay again is a Love Me or Leave Me performance. Surely that isn’t too much to ask?

We honestly need a plan of action to make sure No isn’t a repeat of LSL, we all know we completely failed that song

Disora really have me trying to connect all sorts of dots over here (and I continue to fail miserably)

Leigh having OT3 pictures in her photo gallery walkway 🥺

The single teasers for ‘No’ are imminent 🙊

Do you know what we should focus on? The fact we’ve got a brand new album, one (maybe 2) singles and tour. Alongside this Leigh’s making her acting debut, Jade’s got all sorts of projects & Disora is FINALLY here. There’s SO much incoming, it ain’t over until it’s over people ✌🏼


Just putting it out there that the very last lyric of the Between Us album is ‘I bet they gonna break up, but what the hell do you know?’ Little Mix couldn’t make it any clearer that they’re here to stay.

The girls have repeatedly told us Little Mix will never die. But it’s important to remember that if we still wanna see the girls working together in 10 even 20 years, they’re gonna need time apart every now & then. These three girls are solid 💕