Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

team dick grabbers !!^-^ β€” β™‘ rt for a 5/5 stream

so the person who vaxed dream had probably no clue who the fuck they were touching

dream went out of the house, i wonder what else he should cond out of

dream's about to tweet that β€œevil dream be like, im straight” because he didnt get the meme

ccs dragging eachother's ass on twitter is the best type of interaction

i want to know dream's thought process when he LIKED this tiktok


β€œsmiletwt is so toxic” meanwhile: smiletwt randomly starting a addison x dream ship

hiπŸ€ͺ new😍 and😁 oldπŸ₯° mootsπŸ₯ΊdidπŸ˜† youπŸ˜‡ know🧐 thatπŸ₯Έ iπŸ₯³ haveπŸ€— pinned😎 that😘 you🀩 can 😊like 🀯andπŸ₯΄ retweetπŸ₯΅ /c

assignments can wait i gotta watch punz speedrun

twitch leak, tiktok liked videos leak, whats next? youtube search history?

β˜†... blurry mirror pics supremacy ( )‼️ rt or u are karljacobsphobic

rt my pinned and fuchsia frankensteins will win

➳ karl if you see this drop the link for that crew neck thankyou ❦ ➳rt’s have my heart

~we both love staying up late ~ ~rt for karl stream

i wish this was edited

whats m&dgc /genq

no one ships dnf more than the antis

just a reminder for dttwt we have 21 days until we have to sleep with one eye opened

spare 12 likes on pinned?