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Jessica William

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Like, weirdly quickly, I was just like, uh, yeah, this is So Much Better by Evan Olson. I put this on a mix disc my senior year of high school. If you recommended this to me.... Sorry?

In March 2020, just before, yknow, everything, many of yall recommended to me the episode of the Reply All podcast about someone searching for a lost pop song he vaguely remembers. I finally gave it a listen (I KNOW), and...

Holy crap, I came in first on a Learned League One-Day...!

Another Tuesday morning, another crossword whose seed entry is an '80s pop reference. (Can't help it, it's who I am.) Waiting to be solved at Enjoy, friends. Happy puzzling.

Among the many unexpected things of my past several months, one is that I, at the age of 38, am taking more pleasure and joy than ever before in playing a sport recreationally. How about that.

Also something super charming about people being on tv for the first time and seeming a touch awkward, clearly not pre-coached on how to behave on camera. Often with prominent regional accents. We seem to have lost that. It’s a trip, yall.

Prizes include vacations that might be 3 weeks long. Houses in new Florida subdivisions. In-ground swimming pools (to be installed in one day!?). So. Many. Fur coats. Occasional genuine delight at someone winning an encyclopedia or the entire Modern Library catalog(!).

Some Saturday mornings, if I’m not up to much else, I put on the circa-1960 Price Is Right on Buzzr, and I swear, this feels more revealing about mid-century America (good and bad) than anything by Yates or Mailer or Bellow or Salinger (or Mad Men or, you fill in the blank...).

Experiment: RT if you've appeared (or are scheduled to appear) on . I want to follow all of you. If you feel the same way, follow everyone who RTs!

I made a mix disc in 2010 in which Theme From Cheers by goes straight into She Came In Through the Bathroom Window, and maaaaaaaaaan do I ever stand by that transition choice.

Today I received my first water bill since June 2020. (Jackson twitter, you know what I’m talking about.)

Do you wish crosswords had more references to early alt-rock and to German-derived musical theater? Me too! Then check out this week’s puzzle at Themeless with 4 horizontal grid-spanners. Happy solving, friends.

Every time I teach this, I share the drawing and express my desire for a custom stuffed animal of the transparent eyeball. My birthday is less than two months away, folks...

This profile, of one of our greatest living American artists, is a joy. Check it out, yall.

This one includes what might be my single favorite clue I've ever written: "Bad thing to do in Scrabble, or great thing to do in Scrabble?" (10)

New themeless puzzle up today on my site. Happy solving, friends.

A near equal split, you balanced crew, you. FWIW, my answer: depends on my mood, yo.

Feeling like I’ve got this weekend thing figured out lately. Sat: slept late-ish. Cooked a whole bunch. Went to Jxn’s new record store. Made crosswords. Sun: long walk around the neighborhood. Church. Ultimate. About to eat leftovers and read more of the new Alexandra Kleeman.

An important poll. Midnight Train to Georgia comes on. Which part do you sing along with?

I should maybe just change my display name to this one.