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Jessica William

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throwback to when sungjin exposed jae for that one time he came out of the shower and asked him if his shoulders got broader, but was left disappointed when sungjin said he didn't see any difference

2 years ago today, Day6 on MBC Idol Radio 28th october, 2019

him being recognised by the people he respects and looks up to makes me so damn proud of how far he's come. he really deserves all the opportunities coming his way :')

jae successful fanboy

Very happy

jae in overalls ; the cutest concept ever 🥺

Overalls are the new stripes of the fashion meta. You look like you tried but just threw on whatever was near you

2 years ago today, Day6 at EBS FM Radio Jeong Sewoon’s 'Listen' 27th october, 2019


today i offer you this clip of day6 hyping jae up during his like the sun rap 🥺

cr. ydwzip

dowoon kdrama male lead

kangwondo and their default seating arrangement in the car

i just think that entropy era day6

did you guys know that taylor swift invented the color red