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Hi everyone. This acc. will be deactivated after HomCha ends n from now on, will be a non interactive account only meant to share content. HomCha has given me something special, so I want to stay till its end. I don’t think I will be able to survive w/o screaming here for HomCha.

Anyway, time to celebrate Hometown Cha Cha Cha and its cast and crew the way they deserve to be celebrated. It is long due! 😊✨ If you would like, please share your favourite sikhye scene. ❤️

Read the article please. Form a new, objective stance based on the EVIDENCES provided by close friends of both the parties. The truth was highly distorted by Ms. A. Wishing healing and comeback for Seonho and learning and betterment as a person for Ms.A.

A reminder to be kind even in your reproach no matter what side. Just a request. 😊✨

Ah, I should lay off this app for a while. I am too angry at these double standards rn.

You judged him on those so called DETAILS, so you can chew on these new details too. This is more than glorifying some news outlet or discussing what shd have stayed personal. It was personal details that you judged him on in the 1st place. This is about someone’s life, goddamn!

I am sorry but the only thing I really, really, really can’t stand is double standards and hypocrisy, especially from so called “objective” people. How about you not practice selective seeing, hearing and speaking?

Have the decency to accept your wrong stance. There is literally nothing wrong in it. Truth is the ultimate truth and the more you hide from it, the shallower you become. Change your stance once again if, according to you, more details or something else comes up but like? Damn!

Don’t you see the consequences the whole thing had on a person’s life, getting slandered worldwide? It could have resulted in far worse consequences. Aren’t you happy that truth was revealed. Yes, the tides could change again and you can change your opinion once again but f*ck +

I am angry so I will delete this later BUT at least have the decency to be objective and care about real justice? The dispatch article has so many details BECAUSE the original allegations had so many details. Yes, it should have stayed personal but damn +

i guess we can celebrate HomCha fully now? happy 400k to my edit too i didn’t even notice 😭🤍

Rewatching and damn, Dusik did not have to shove the table aside like that but he did 😂😌

Dusik connected with himself and truly connected with others by baring his vulnerabilities. The whole portrayal and journey to reach this conclusion was satisfying.

Hyejin did connect with others, feels happy while mingling with the residents and is now a part of Gongjin. HomCha ending brought me back to this write up because wow, HomCha did this succinctly!


One of the commendable things about hometown cha cha cha is its consistency. Many kdramas, even good ones, start going a bit downhill post episode 12/13 but not only did HomCha keep us engaged till the end, it made us go through roller coaster of emotions too. Kudos, seriously!✨

Get your serotonin booster with this cute scene in loop 🥰🥰🥰

Never knew the void used to fill in my weekends. 🥲

oh it's the first weekend without 🥲

hometown cha cha cha one of the best dramas this year