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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

too cute🥲 /gently pokes/

2020, 유S 2021, 유Schiele

Hun’s 4242 guitar solo 🎸🖤 (the one they played on Pentaport)

Hun playing Into Bloom 피었습니다 Guitar solo part 🎸

aaaaah cutieeeeees!😭💓

Yay! finally finished posting all members’ vc clips! so sorry for flooding you with those🙈and i’m hoping some clips made you smile🤍

And a very cute heart appeared before the video ended😹🤍

I’m too shy to share what’s happening here, but i hope you’ll smile hearing Dongsung’s laugh😂🤍

Then, I first thanked him for coming back healthily + other things 🥰

VC with Dongsung 🤍 It has been months since we last talked & they already had a lot of VC events since then so i didn’t want to assume he remembers me..

the twins are on the video aaaaaaa my heart can’t take this💘 they’re too adorable🥺🥺🥺

And before the call ended, he thanked me for coming to the vc event🖤

I thanked him for doing HaMa and told him i look forward to mondays now bec of it and his proud face is so precious 🤧💓

Also wished him well for his musical🥰 His reaction when I said I believe he’s a great musical actor is so cute pls😆🤍 “no no no~~”

VC with Hweseung🤍 It must’ve been hectic for Hwe these days so I just wanted to remind him that we’re cheering for him and that he should take care of himself..

they even call them “turbulence vc” even if they sell motm albums pls😭 how shameless😭 just call it motm encore-encore so you’ll realize how ridiculous that sounds @ epensi