Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

بمناسبة ٥٠ الف فولورز هدية ل ٣ فائزين ان شاء الله الباقة البلاتينية من دورة صُنَّاع السوق لدراسة التحليل الفني وجميع الأسواق المالية باشراف شخصي لتخريجك محلل فني متميز باذن الله لايك ريتويت وسيتم الاختيار غدا في التاسعة مساء باذن الله.

What bear market where your twitter gurus talking about? 😂😵

respecting the uptrend line (red). also forming an ascending triangle.upon break of 0.03$, all hell goes loose! triangle.

were back at 64k$

I think us holders will be the only people alongside holders who will not make any money this bullrun 😂🤞!

Inverse head and shoulders on 1 hour TF. Possible bullishness coming if t plays put.

Free alpha tip to trade a bull trend 1. Set a 21EMA in a 4H chart. 2. Buy on a 4H candle close above 21EMA 3. Compound on retests. Keep things simple. In a bull market, just be a bulltard.

Can you talk about 🔥🚀

What is wrong with ?

Made mad profits on my last Uniswap shitcoin, got me euphoric. Giving away $10,000 to a random follower tomorrow. I'll livestream it on youtube with an online randomizer inb4 people claim fake. Throwing a few 100 names of my RT'ing followers in the randomizer. RT & follow

what do you think?

just broke out of a bull flag and retested! entry is now,target is 0.035$! 50% profit

forming a bearish H&S on the 15 min chart. Might indicate slight downside

Let’s get trending today….everyone like and retweet!

Today speaking on his YouTube live about . Do you still think the sponsors of the trailer were a hoax? 🤡 🔮

Juicy break of a downtrend. more upside to come!

Told you guys to buy ✅ all targets reached within 48 hours ! And still more to come!