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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

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There's no looking back from here, IMO, even if Covid reared its ugly head again for another probable smaller wave in the future.

BREAKING: just passed the Swiss Franc and is now the 13th largest world currency by market cap🇨🇭

A lot of people are thinking about the current economy, and comparing it to the stagflationary episodes of the 1970s.

Been reading about RH selling order flows to Citadel some time before. Not gonna pretend I know that stuff. So, this is a solid market structure explanation.

Recent disruptions and shortages have had a widespread impact, causing people to take to Search for answers

Former tech entrepreneur who served as the Chief Software Officer of the Air Force says China is already way ahead in defense-related AI. By his account, he quit after spending three years “fixing basic cloud things and laptops” instead of being able to innovate…

India's stock market is about to overtake the U.K.'s (in terms of market cap) for the first time in forever. Could happen very soon, around 3-4% away.

1/ Get a cup of coffee. In this thread, I'll walk you through one of Warren Buffett's earliest business ventures -- his Pinball Machine Empire. This "case study" can teach us a lot about great businesses -- how they work, what characteristics they tend to have, etc.

⚠️: has shut 60 mines and 372 non-coal mines from Oct.2-7, according to the Ministry of Emergency Management of Shanxi Province. Source: ThePaper

Just talked to engineer at BigCo. Got 4% raise this yr. New offer at other BigCo: 100% increase in total comp, same level Happens a stupefying amount at BigCos. Can’t/won’t give internal folks bumps but will for new hires. Revolving door for emps between BigCos Straight up dumb

On Aug 1, I woke up and didn’t want to get out of bed. I felt…blank. Hollowed out. I’d felt this way for months. I couldn’t enjoy anything. I didn’t care about work. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I wasn’t necessarily depressed. Objectively life was amazing...

NYSE was created in 1817. But the US didn't have a Securities Act until 1933. It took 116 yrs for regulation to catch up with a new asset class. W/ 21st century speed, I budget 10 yrs for the US to create a crypto law. Meanwhile the asset class continues to grow 200% a year 🚀

It's gonna be history if we see back-to-back black swans. But insisting on this is probably painful if one bets on it with money.

Impressive NFT momentum gathering in Solana land. Most will ignore it. Cuz most lead lives of quiet desperation oscillating btw dismissing something as a ponzi &complaining that they missed the train, yet never seeing the irony of their own self defeat. Don't be like the most.

So JPM buys on dips and sells on rips until another force/catalyst greater than itself acts on it then?