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Jessica William

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Hello Guys! I am Mercy Eke, The winner of Big Brother Nigeria, season 4. Thank you all for your support and love. One of my biggest aspirations and life goals has been to own a real estate investment in Nigeria and that is why I present to you "LAMBO HOMES"

Forward ever, backward never 🚀

Hello Queen I want you to know that I can never stop loving you ❤❤❤

I feel so relieved talking to my mercenaries, talking to y’all was the only thing I needed, not even a billion dollars could have gotten me out of my mood🥰 y’all did that 🛡thank you so pumpkins🛡

We will never forget 20.10.20. RIP to the ones we lost 🕊❤️

We must never forget. We're rolling up in cars tomorrow to drive through the tollgate. We know their way, so a procession of cars is the safest option to minimize police harrassment. We have rides for people that need.

Thank you mercenaries 🛡🛡🥰 thank you mercenaries in disguise🙏🏾 thank you viewers.... it’s all love🥰

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Sunday For Mercy Eke ❤️ Mercy Eke Reality Star 🌟

It’s my favorite day of the week!!! Mercy Eke Reality Star 🌟

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Marrakesh Living 💫