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Jessica William

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Spread some positivity because people are surrounded by negative it in virtual world or real a ray of sunshine in someone's life rather than dawn of dusk♥️♥️♥️⭐⭐⭐🌝🌝🌝🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

Kisne bola last music video hai 😡,we sill stream BhulaDunga,Shona Shona & Habit continuosly, celebrate its anniversaries too!!!! Isn't it🥺❤️!?


Congratulations all streamers for 3M+ views. Keep streaming keep commenting. Thank you 😊 SIDHARTH IS OUR EMOTION INSPIRATIONAL SHEHNAAZ

If you hate someone, you won't talk about him/her But you feel jealous of someone, then you will talk about him/her and try to put him/her down by any means. 🤷

We forced saregama to release the song Company ne sirf business dekha ki fans r excited for song we should release it to gain some views Finally they forced sana to complete her professional commitment😡 I hate ppl like thm 😡 Much respect for thind sir🙏🏾

If your loved one is feeling distressed, the departed soul comes and comforts them. And I know sidharth will comfort shehnaaz a little more today. He will come in her dreams and tell her to be okay and assure her that he is always there for her and protect her.

If being brave had face! INSPIRATIONAL SHEHNAAZ Love You My Girl!

Master of his Art Literally no one can beat his perfection in his work , proud to Stan 💫❤️ Miss U 😊❤️

Kya haalat ho rakhi tl ki🤢 Koi iss bande ka bhi soch lo🥺isko bhi to koi dekh lo🥺last time dikh raha hai, fir kabhi sidharth naya kaam karte nahi dikhega, na dikhegi iski smile, iski aankhen, iska chehra, ye khud🥺❤

You listen to tere liye and you don’t think of the movie actors, or anyone else except Sid & Sana

The combination of magical voice and the way performs the song with genuine emotion 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

Its so horrible the way so many Sidhearts are trolling , . It was last project of , last chance to make him proud and pay him respect, instead they abused his , music channel snd now kem..Even his death could not teach them. ..,

There's unsurmountable strength in something that I am immensely proud of, and deserves applause. Also, there is invariably and visibly a part of in her. He lives on through her. Thank you for this one may you live all dreams

everything aside I really feel the song has a lot of potential especially on insta reels, idk when but it’ll take off like crazy just like dil ko karaar aaya or even sooner

I was thinking ki tears nahi aane hai but... Song started Sana came in front of my eyes and then the first line of the song .. that's all itna bhot tha mere liye ....... "Bichda is kadar ke rut hi badal gai Ek shaksh saare sehar ko viraan kr gya"

SidNaaz’s last song together Habit releases a day before the scheduled date!

Think before Judging A Girl * Who was/still in mental trauma * Who didn't even showed up to promote her biggest project * Who didn't even cared of her dream project being mega hit * Who was/is still close to his family * Actually she herself is his family

is Certainly Going to Break All Records... "INSPIRATIONAL SHEHNAAZ"