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Jessica William

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Take a Bow Rubika Liyaquat 👏👏👏 You exposed Swara Bhasker for the total SHAM that she is. Has no answer when Rubika asks for draft. Hasnt read the and starts blaming the anchor & audience!!

In 2020, HMO controlled Delhi Police arrested 850 people and registered >1,200 cases for cracker ban violation on Diwali. Last night firecrackers were burst at multiple pockets in Delhi to celebrate Pak win over India. I don't think any case will be registered for the same.

Match to nikal raha humare haath se, ab kya iss tweet ke reply me 1000 waale comment bhejoge aap log ? Jeete ya haare trend hona zada jaruri hai 🇮🇳

Pahle hi manna kiya tha inn madarchodon se match mat khelo. Ab lo maze. Haraamkhor ke bachche


Last 2 overs mein 72 bana dein bas

Insulting the nation by showing that you are not proud of it. What does BLM have to do with India? Russian Sportspeople straight away reject to kneel. CHAD. Shame that our players didn't.

What does America's BLM have to do with us that Our Cricketers take the knee for it?? And with cricket for that matter??

Aaaj toh pakka hi haar jaayenge bhai. Likh k le lo.

ये क्या ch&%%&!a hai 🙄 l Losers kneel down

Ha ha ha..apes they are.

woke activism knows no boundaries.. kuch dino baad ye pride parade bhi karenge match se pahle..

What was this aping the West & taking the knee drama by Indian Team?? Whose idea was it??

Indian batsmen right now. 😭😭

Why are they committing harакiri 😭

Yeh kya ho raha hai 😱

Raining heavily ⛈⛈

For the last four years, at least, as an annual ritual, SRK and his family were abused and threatened by Islamists; that didn't change India, but law catching up with his son did