Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

So it seems I’ve created a podcast 🤗! Plz Go give a follow like and share. New eps drop every Friday! (follow now, youll get to listen to the super rough concept episode before it comes down ready for the first ep 😅*) * may lead you to hate your life choices!

My daughter is in love with Michael Myers lmao. He came to her birthday party, she heard the Halloween theme song and started looking for him 😂🥳🥳

I use to think being off Twitter meant missing out on being the first to get news. However, because all discourse on here is routed to the same kinds conversation, Twitter is always stuck in time. It goes no where. You leave, you come back, and the same conversation is being had.

never been more scared of a dog

If you need a pep talk from my dad here it is

There are two types of cats..

Cat saves baby from falling down the stairs🥺

POV: you’re a burglar and you’ve made a Mistake

In an era where movie poster design has become increasingly slapdash, it's refreshing to see some really creative poster work across the board this year

the lonely serval seems to brew his coffee at night

Hoping all the love following his emmys win means more of you will give his incredible movie podcast a listen 🤗🤗. It’s the best in the biz!

one of the funniest Looks ever given in cinema

i’ll die on this hill: the ability to explain a complex subject in accessible terms is one of the greatest markers of intelligence we have

I know an ancient god in disguise when I see one.

My dad couldn't find google chrome on his laptop, so I did this😂

Malignant goes full batshit in its last act and It was very much my kind of shit 🤗🤗

Y’all fucked around and refused to get vaccinated, well now you can answer to Shark Jesus