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Jessica William

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: drive to survive? what's that? i drive because i love racing and winning

When asked if they agreed with Verstappen quotes below about Drive To Survive, both ALO and Kimi said they haven’t watched. “I have an Amazon subscription,” ALO said.

will have a new rule for double-waved yellow flags in practice and qualifying this weekend. Any driver in a double-yellow sector will automatically have their lap time deleted. This had been suggested after an incident Fernando Alonso in qualifying in Turkey. |

daniel better have an extra cowboy hat for max or i'm rioting

he looks good and whoever disagrees is wrong <3

i'm once again asking for twenty one pilots to light an f1 car on fire friday

He races for a very different reason than other drivers. Yes he is very single minded. Oftentimes he drives for the sake of it. He also realizes that there’s more to driving and the quality of a driver than championships.

he's been calling out the show since day 1 too btw

i've been telling you since day 1 max wasn't gonna get involved with dts cause he hates the show 😭

his arm? the leaning in? arm going further? yeah you bitches never beating the allegations. get in the basket

there's no heterosexual explanation for this

“F1 racing is for men.” Charles Leclerc, “No it’s not. I don’t think so. I would be very happy to see a girl in Formula 1. Not just because she is a girl but because she is talented enough. I think there are some very talented women that can be in Formula 1 in the next few years

i will never end up on the hasantwt struggles account cause i don't tweet about hasan on main. i win 😌

i've been thinking about this for awhile now and i don't think i can handle it if somehow it comes down to a fastest lap point..

no but charles being so excited and interested in someone's acting career and how it all works; how they got introduced to f1 through dts and how they have a podcast about racing is so?? he sounds like such a nice guy to be around??

people who say british accents are hot need to start specifying from WHERE cause i know damn well you mfs ain't including newcastle

i aspire to be this relaxed and have a similar mindset towards something deemed important within a job i love doing.

all this being said what people are not gonna do is analyze max's childhood under a microscope. the stories are out there but it doesn't give anyone the right to discuss it publicly like it's their own. as a victim of abuse myself, it's incredibly creepy and out of boundaries.