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The beautiful meaning behind Minhyuk's whale tattoo: "Roses mean love so I want to take the people I love along with me on the whale, that's why the roses are at the top of the whale, I'll bring monbebes to a good place always."

[📢] 11월에 컴백하는 몬스타엑스의 음원총공을 위한 모금을 진행합니다. 기간 내에 입금한 몬베베에 한하여 특전을 보내드립니다. 많은 관심부탁드립니다 🙇‍♀️❤🗓 일반모금기간: 10.19 ~ 특전증정기간: 10.19 ~ 10.31 📃 입금 후 폼 작성

so apparently, it's Korea's first domestically built rocket launch into space and kih was watching 💕

🐢: The weather is really cold, see you at Idol Radio soon😍 dress warmly, wonnie~

🐹: Ddudun what is this?? a spoiler or just a daily sighting on the non-snoring dorm's tv?? ㅋㅋㅋ

🐹: You know why we're so busy moving around, right ㅎ It's bc we were preparing for the english and korean album at the same timeㅎ yes kih, y'all are working so hard 🥺 take care always even so~ 💛

i'm on my knees 🥲

i can't believe vss will end without me seeing wonho in it 🥺 minhyuk oomf if you're seeing this, let's end it grandly come on, guest wonho for the last episode, don't be shy

wonder what will we have first, shownu's goedam 2 or hyungwon's verification badge on ig akdsahfkj i'm

asadjhghsdj i mean i will never be over their stories, love them so muchhh

no one: literally no one: hyunghyuk: so yeah guys we're 10 years down this friendship road, you see we lived together, experience everything together, we know each other very well, we matched with each other really well. yes yes we're inseparable guys, just to let y'all know

so hyungwon's drama "fly again" is streaming on viki, 20 days from now?!?! omg we need the official announcement, teaser and poster now!!!

he said as they were sitting in circle, the person sitting in front (he used pochaco as example) min can see behind but pochaco can't see what's behind, they all saw it when black hair passed by and they froze but the person said they felt it too

and they were all talking when suddenly the lights from the pantry turned on. His friend came to turned it off but it turned on again when his friend came back to sit, they just thought the lights were broken but then suddenly things started to spill in the pantry, making noises.

Minhyuk talked about a ghost story that he and Hyungwon encountered when they were trainees. He said it was from their previous company and they were in a practice room with a small pantry, them trainees were sitting in a circle with their choreographer +

minhyuk was telling a horror story but i'm giggling bc he's so cute wth ㅠㅠ

they're taking my wednesdays away from me again ㅠㅠ i'm so sad but i know there's gonna be a whole lot of new opportunities for minhyuk again bc he's indeed an all-rounder entertainer, i'm just so proud of our minhyukie 🥺

"don't cry" "let's see each other again, wherever it may be" me:

but pls i want it to be true LET IT BE TRUE IM ON MY KNEES

if it's not true, mbbs are getting into the weeknd's mentions right now and who knows our clownery get us to somewhere ㅋㅋㅋ