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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Which of these is happening FIRST? 🤔 - $100k - $10K - $100 - $1000 - $550 - $400 - $200 - $150 - $150 - $5 - $5 - $6 - $1 - $0.001 ~ $0.000001 - $0.00001 Last Answer Wins $500 in RT⚡️

Every cycle in history has ended with a red month followed by 2 or 3 very green months.


wildly fluctuates as ProShares will launch its Bitcoin ETF linked to Bitcoin futures on Tue. Approval for ETF won’t be announced by SEC, but its final prospectus did not receive any opposition ahead of its effective deadline and the NYSE is readying for launch on Oct19.

Using extrapolation on the RSI, manged to forecast a top of $302K would be proud me thinks. Retweet and comment "TOP" with your ETH address and join the stream in 10 min

Highest weekly close in history.

Buy the rumor buy the news buy the dip light the fuse

to $72,727 within the next 97 hours. Enjoy.

OVERNIGHT UPDATE: Grayscale Hints at Converting Trust Into ETF

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Here’s what’s going to happen: 1) ATH in next few days 2) Institutional + retails FOMO hard 3) Tech giants open crypto payments 4) pulls 150-200k peak 5) reversal day 40-50k drop 6) Ultimate altseason 7) Bear market 2022 8) bottom 10-20k usd I’m ready

The same permaberars on every 2% dump

Highest weekly close ever incoming in minutes Save a bears life

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2,765,829 637,366 489,569 314,192 309,429 202,538 202,388 195,076 177,976 127,569

The second part of the cycle will be more parabolic

and have been more correlated than most other assets over the past two years, including more than the other holdings. I've been bullish on and not particularly on .

Once breaks the ATH, it will be a non-stop pump

if you are Proton holder, Now is the right time to get some bags of Paribus ....THANK ME LATER

Grayscale transformation to spot ETF, confirmed by Barry. If this gets approved it would be mega bullish IMO.

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