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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Can't be more bullish

Once this finally breaks out it will fly, you dont wanna miss this 👀🚀


, and preparing to take off. 👀 When these amm tokens go up, a lot of defi tokens and will also go up, probably to $10k 🚀🚀🚀

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targets🎯 Volume is picking up, once we break the trendline $24 should follow quickly. $40 and $68 are my targets for altseason

and look like they want out of these bull flags...will behave?

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I think when the mainstream see gonna lose market share to

Yeah Budddog always is spot on with his analysis. A vault that gives you at the end of the cycle. Already one of the top 50 holders of if it was not in the syrup pool. So far has exceeded all my expectations. Can't wait till the release. More 👀

/USDT Price has broken above a multiweek resistance trendline and is above the range point of control. The Binance network is expected to have a Bullish run with the announcement of the Billion dollar Fund to help the ecosystem grow. Entry Daily close above $19.80

It is not difficult at all to reach the old all-time high at the end of the month. Let's see together how this plan works. If we see such a rise in bnb, it will not be too difficult for coins like on the bsc network to reach all-time highs.

2,765,829 637,366 489,569 314,192 309,429 202,538 202,388 195,076 177,976 127,569

Today a Cadet won $2,561 with only 31 staked... That’s 1 in 1948 odds 🚀🦐 Ziggy’s Hall of Shrimp 🦐🍀 Staked 31 : won $2,500 🍀 Staked 10 : won $22,000 🍀 Staked 29 : won $25,000 🍀 Staked 58 : won $1,100 🍀 Staked 4 : won $1,500

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