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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

is bridging to Ethereum. And that is a great thing

I did warn you about season. auctions will be supported by + more. They start November 11th. auctions start this weekend. has a $380,000,000+ incentive scheme which is going to start SOON.

Hala alt market yükselecek boğa geliyor diyen var. Günlerdir zaten yükseliyoruz zaten boğanın içindeyiz. Kısa vadeli hedeflerle insanların algısını bozmanın bir manası yok. Bu arada düşeni kırmış ilk hedef 480$.

Wooooooooow, nice defense.LOLS Hahaha hey I'm your bear someday okay?hahaha

BRIGE Soon the bridge will be built People will start to understand how undervalued is = main net = VIP net

So yesterday announces a $774 million development fund for projects. auctions start November 11th. 48 auctions planned starting Saturday. bootstrap currently sits around $250 million. Yeah I'm feeling pretty excited right now.

The is raging, hope you grabbed the dip

expect chaos expect to win

The triple threat If you have these you are laughing

proves that the crowdloans were a complete success.

The Dotsama ecosystem is just a raging bull right now

An Overview of Polkadot Ecosystem!

is the unicorn of the auctions.

I spy with my little eye something that is going to the moon 😜😜

expect chaos. Expect unstoppable dominance of the crypto space

It isn't too late to catch Kusama just yet! Channels Forecast: $1900 - $3900 Fibs Forecast: $1600 (1.618) - $4369 (2.272) Kusuma is still early and don't forget that theres only 9 Million in circulation + it is in the Polkadot Ecosystem which is expected to grow 🚀⭐️🚀