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Jessica William

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Early vs chart DYOR 😉

Checking my Huobi account to see if there’s any dust left. Kinda sad it isn’t 4.2069 tho 🤷‍♂️

Retesting, bullish.

It seems likely we go down to $1.15 (wick circled in white) After that, ATHs baby!

Not price predictions or financial advice but if we saw these numbers at the peak of this bullrun, I would NOT be surprised: $15 $2 $200 $30 $40 $2 $3 $10 $30 Please, no 'but marketcap' comments. This is , not stocks 👍🔥

This is epic moment for Before ATH $1.39 but we have more token available now We break $1.10 and we can FLY Come on $WOO🔥🔥🔥🔥

My pick for this bull cycle is . At least 3-10x from here. NFA. DYOR.

. Still one of the most bullish charts in Crypto imo, soon ...

What the fuck is this, an ath for twats?

Bagging up on long term!

is about to get sent.

4HR Perfect step back 1.1

Only a matter of time before this breaks.

U betting against them? 😈

just hit support and is about to get F'ing sent!!!!

current price is 1.26$ my taget is around 30$ to 40$ by the end of the cycle

3 days ago BTC was 63k $1.15 Now BTC is 63K 1.245 In 3 days BTC will be 63k or more ???? 😎

For now, is like in its ATL 2 years ago. Imagine how high will take the flight in rhe future.

The liquidity provider for , , and more is still WAY UNDERVALUED! Even the current price of is a f*ckn BARGAIN!