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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

No body ever said that. He should quit lying.

To those campaigning for this man for 2023, paid or free, as a job or as a hobby, openly or hidden. It shall never be well with you. May the ground you stand on tremble, and may it graze open for you to sink.

May the remaining 5 WMG online retweet and comment on every post with a tag. Dont forget that we stanning the winner. Lets go, we can do this.

Why they hustle for cliques, ships, Bromance, sismance etc…Whitemoney geng we hustle for The billionaire league 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 Do not be distracted 🗣🗣

WMG, pls, this poll is very important to Whitemoney!! If Whitemoney calls you NOW, what is that ONE ADVICE you’ll give him? Drop your answer in the comment. DO NO forget to use our hashtag…

I tell you my dear , we didnt stop them from claiming their fave as a winner but they were all on our mazis case.

I hope Whitemoney will announce while I'm still at home, I'm going to work at 14:00😩😩

I actually miss Whitemoney On my screen🥺🥺🥺But please come and explain why you refused to hug me in my dream??? My heart is still broken. I voted with all my heart o.😪😪

Money gang, what's happening with my man , see everywhere. What's the gist?

We are trending Whitemoney fans.

Igbo kwenu Igbo kwezenu 😂😂🤣😩hope it's correct Thank you for making us ( South Africans and Africans at large) fall in love with your culture, character, charisma and personality please don't let bad press ruin your day 😍😍

Where are those Beefs misyarning about Whitemoney and marketability🤣🤣🤣...go to Intercontinental Hotel and see the VVVIP reception for Odogwu by members of the Board...a big deal on the table....See Big Boy see personality. I chose well

WMG dont just respond with a tag only, write something even one word then add your tag. Last but not least dont write the same tag many times on one tweet. Retweet every post with a tag dont chose posts. Good morning

Whitemoney Geng, we are slacking!We still maintain our hashtag today ! If you had a wish for Whitemoney, what would that be? Comment below with our hashtag Let’s go!

You people are obsessed with this story line. He is still a mumu cos they will use his money for honey moon. 🥰

This Whitemoney win really pain so many people sha.. Thank God man no be God

Whitemoney is a household name for the moment and that's what reputable brands want not some silly social media buzz that moves no mountain..