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Jessica William

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John Doe

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My brain is 2% phone numbers,3% names,5% school knowledge (maybe)... Rest 90% is most definitely, all of ShaKhi. SAAKK inside out. ♥♥💯💯♥♥

Such a well described thread. This has my ❤ As always hits it out of the park.👏 And, ShaKhi is an irresistible emotion.🧿 A favourite.🥺❤ Always N Forever.😇

THE BEST, Today Tomorrow and Always <3💫. TOGETHER , THEY are my soulmat8s 4eva . 🌷 ~ ❤

10 months of with 3 months sans,in the literal sense of the word. "did we deserve this?"shan't be the question'll ask coz that's rheautorical. time is said to heal&fade, but IS IT SO? withal, i choose to Breathe & Believe,that the best is yet to come.❤

💫♡every step that she took -since the day she was waxed to become अनोखी since the day she begun to fight myriad wars of her own&for the world that had the souls she loved in it- oblivious yes,but every step was taken ,for HER to reach HIM❤ .

" no i don't think i'll kiss u. although u need kissing badly. that's what's wrong with u. u should be kissed& often. &by someone who knows how. " -Gone With The Wind . ..the flushed transluscence of that porcelain skin & rose-bud lips deserve THAT❤💫

we know there couldn't've been any better a number than Karanvir Sharma's, if bein'the Caesar of Romance is considered❤ he doesn't seem to be Shakespeare's Naive Romeo,he seems more of Mitchell's Sardonic Rhett Butler. Shaurya Sabherwal too flexes uk~-

Deba's new song she sung on kv s insistence.. don't remember the iv tho that's why sharing this tweet.. so b'ful song🥺🥺🥺🥺

I'm in dire need of captures from the 'God Knows How Many' IV's post release! ....any other 'knight in shining armours' who can help me with this🙂❤ //-

winks bein'a mark of flirtation had been the cliché. now uk that it's the mark of untainted comfort,*oneofakind*sorta chemistry, exchanges that r sorted sans words,THEIR signature mutual teasin' of eo& so much MORE. what to do with THEM?sigh♥ -

-is this abt a girl? no.'s about THE girl. the only 1 who gets under my skin in a way that makes me feel worse than naked. in a way that makes me question most of the things i believe in. in a way that, despite everything,feels RIGHT.♥ . /-

a princess cut, it is people ... ;)♡ ...the kind that settles the terms for a miraculous eclipse. reignite your faith with the shimmer of this "self-gifted" princess-cut👀♥ . . . //-

Aleefa❤ you are a sweetheart girl! yes i had a hell lot of fun throughout the festivities and now 'm back 🌼thanks for checkin' in on me! Love ❤ I had missed this place and these precious souls! I can't express how loved i feel ♡'s beautiful.

All i've got to say is- WHAT ARE THESE TWO UPTO?! THEY ARE LEGIT RAISING OUR EXPECTATIONS HIGHER THAN THE CLOUD 9 OF THE CLOUD 9! Ktdktdtidjfxjfgkgkctkdktdgdkxg .....uff uff .❤ as for the well-scripted, disciplined caption ~ comin' up asap;)♥, help me catch up? :)♥ . //-

i had been busy,every sec of every day over the week. Yet even a moment of escape from the hands of hooligans popularly called'friends',made me rush back to *JO TERA HOWEGA*, ,our beloved n persistent ❤ 'M back ;)

🌷♡these 5-7 days pushes one to believe..that ANYTHING is possible. that DIVINITY is beyond words& pages of Great-Grandfather's scriptures. it's about FAITH &the joy that comes with it. '21 Durga Puja makes me reassert, HAVE FAITH,Always. & শুভ বিজয়া ।

❤ Thank you for this beauty,again. JO TERA HOWEGA FT DEVIR . . //-

....can we ever get ENOUGH of THEM?❤💫 JO TERA HOWEGA FT DEVIR . . //-