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Jessica William

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Have I ever mentioned that I love where I live? One thing I’ll always be thankful for in these mad 14 months is that I got the chance to slow down and to re-acquaint myself with just how beautiful my hometown is. 😊

Excited to share that the Grand Opening is Saturday October 23 at website! And for all my Twitter friends, please use code LAUNCH for 20% off!

Thanks Seema x

A1: One cannot read & see “Eat, Pray, Love” without wanting to go to Rome.

So, it finally happened! I got to see the brilliant on the westend! Feeling quite chuffed that I got to see the absolute ledge that is as my first phantom. He was incredible as were all cast and crew. Thank you all. 😊💛

Enjoyed a starry night in the middle of the day at With


Not movie. But the series merlin. We went to chateaux pierrefonds where they filmed merlin just outside Paris. Lovely 😍

Loving today's chat great topic

Thanks to all of you for co-hosting today's , Shemp & I will see you again next week. 😸

Thank you all for joining us today & chatting about ! A huge thank you to my incredible co-hosts and as always. If you couldn’t join live today, no worries, answer anytime - we’d love to see them! C you next week!

A3) Lol, now I feel old because I went to the drive-in a few times growing up. One film I remembering seeing at a drive-in was "Gimme Shelter" about the Rolling Stones at Altamont in December 1969.

Hello hello from Jordan

A2) In many ways it's the same these days but years ago it was quite different like when I visited family in a small town in Iowa where they just got a movie that I saw a year earlier in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A1: I Fell In Love With the Scottish Highlands & Glen Coe After Watching the - .😀 There Were So Many Places I Wanted to Visit On Our In - And Was One of Them! We Headed Home With Wonderful .👍

Q3: Have you ever seen a movie in an unusual location (a park screening, a drive-in, a film festival?)? If not yet, would you like to?

Q1: Has a ever inspired you to to a particular destination? Tell us which one(s). Got pics?

Greetings from Southern Nevada where Shemp wishes he was home catnapping but instead he's at the Vet's getting his teeth cleaned. 😾

Welcome to - we are talking about Films today! Please say hello and let us know where you’re joining from.

HI there, Seema

Hey love! Waving at you from !

Welcome to today’s ! Come say hey and let us know where you’re joining us from today? I’m joining in from London, UK. 😊