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A timely and critical brief on 's negative involvement and strengthening of in and its disastrous contribution to violence and chaos. Refreshing to see writing of this quality that is analytically rigorous and does not distort the truth about .

بيان صحفي | د. يعلن عزمه على الترشح لـ وفق برنامجه الانتخابي ""، الذي يمكن الاطلاع عليه ومعرفة (ركائزه - أهدافه - مشاريعه)، من خلال الموقع الالكتروني طالبًا من المواطنين دعمه ومساندتهُ.

Her bravery is truly remarkable; much respect and a massive salute to the women of Afghanistan defending their basic human right to have education. Support Afghan women.

Today we celebrate the European Union via the Vice President of represented by who reminds us of the importance of cooperation, multilateralism, and building consensus towards a better future

1.49M Euros seized by customs in airport in a suitcase that belongs to a passenger from a neighbouring country!! That's the official statement by customs authorities Guess what country is it !!

BREAKING | The Election Commission () calls on organizations wishing to participate in monitoring the elections, to submit their credentials to one of its branches in various parts of the country.

The House of Representatives () refers the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Law to the Election Commission (), incorporating the amendments requested by the Commission.

The most brilliant bookshops in the world | Financial Times

At the Security Council, four Afghan women demand inclusion, gender equality, access to education for girls. They criticize “double standards” on human rights. “Changes have taken place over the last 20 years” and progress cannot be taken away, they tell correspondents

AUDIO | The New York Times publishes parts of the audio interview with Saif al-Islam with journalist Robert Worth.

The end of the grand fantasy: restaurant dining may never be the same again From

FATF downgraded Turkey to grey list on Thursday for failing to head off money laundering and terrorist financing - Reuters reported

A strong message to According to greek website hellasjournal, F-16's Block 60 of the will participate in exercise ''Medusa''

"Glorious Hector reached out to take his son. But the child shrank back crying against the breast of his girdled nurse, terrified by the sight of his father, the bronze and the crest of horse-hair, as he saw it nod dreadfully from the top of the helmet."

This little Afghan girl turned out to be far braver than Zalmay .

With the Taliban’s white flag on the podium, one young school girl in Herat appeals to the Taliban for allowing teenage girls to attend school. She names out all past posts, scientists and artists, drawing a contradiction of the past and the present.

Kurdish singer Erdal Erdogan was attacked by a nationalist Turk in Gaziantep province earlier this week after playing a Kurdish music at a wedding Kurds have expressed their anger on social media over the "racist attack."

صورة تجمع رئيس أركان حكومة دبيبة محمد الحداد مع أحد كبار قادة الميليشيات في طرابلس بشير "البقرة". هذه الصور تلخص حقيقة الوضع الأمني في طرابلس.