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PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Heya, I'm Smile! 🇦🇺 Australian 🎮Serial gamer(big on indie games/experiences) 📹Streamer(8+ years) ▶️Youtuber(10+ years) 📰Gaming Blogger(Just started!) I love analysing games and critically assessing what could be changed/improved! Social Links ->

Now you're gaming

Complete with a cashies sticker for extra pain and misery for collectors to see

Hello and be sure to add your box art to twitch so your game stands out and looks slick on streamers "recently played" pages and get more of them clicks: who do you think are getting click-throughs most often?? <33

The ELDEN RING™ Closed Network Test will be playable throughout the weekend of November 12-15th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Players will need to register on for a chance to participate to the Closed Network Test!

If there was any more reason to not want to split from steam this is definitely the icing on my decision cake.

*Wolf howl* 🐺🌕 Is it Halloween yet? // Wendageddon - Boss Breakdown // Echo Generation - Xbox & PC, Oct 21 ⚡

lowest prices are just the beginning

Scythe to meet you…

heyyy so we're just 11 positive reviews (!!!) away from a 'very positive' score on Steam, which helps push it out to more people's feeds. If you've played Chasing Static and enjoyed it, please consider leaving a review on Steam today 🖤

When a developer disappears for a long time from twitter do you worry more for them as a person or do you get upset their game might not release? The answer you give says a lot about you.

it has been a truly miserable year (good news soon)

Okay this game has me sold the best part of botw was climbing anything. I must obtain!

Discern* wow really sneaking into tweets

A strange but familiar world awaits Nora the protagonist in INDUSTRIA, losing her partner and lover Walter she follows him through a strange device called ATLUS and must discord what caused the world to change so much. Read More:

Thanks so much to for the awesome avatar creator that has helped me creatively with my streaming!! Seriously go follow them I appreciate it so much being able to use this character creator!

So um, I found these strange glasses and sort of ended up in the SCP foundation, yeah, 173 682 and 096 are pretty cute apparently. Don't two time them or suffer the consequences...

11 herbs and spices, and still no taste.

Embarrassing when a level 54 akf macroer gets pushed into mobs like this... I wonder who did it ;) Just doing my part to rid the game of these people