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*third or sixth album

can;t grammar can't english sorry can't even write a decent thing. i'm writing this through tears. but yes i love you, i love svt and carat, i love our bond, i hope we're always be happy

And I'm thankful for carat who were there from the start, from their third or sixth, at any point, or right now. Thank you for loving them, thank you for showing the 13, boys who creates out of love and out of joy—that yes, they're deserving of such love

especially to the one you hold very dear in your heart, and one that is there through tears and through joy

you can have a very mature conversation to strive for a better future, and at other times you get that childish and youthful laugh on your face instead, teasing each other, encouraging each other, loving and hugging and kissing each other bcs fuck love needs to be shown—

All of you grown as a team and individually, grown so much and so big and so well, and I'm glad you never forget your roots and what's important to you, your 13 members and us, thank you for loving us. And I'm glad that when the 13 of you sit together in a room

(fuck i'm crying writing this sht)

to be thankful and love us, bcs I think, this was a dream out of their reach when they were young, that sometimes on a rare time dreaming about a big dark stadium be filled up with light and people who love them made them feel guilty, bcs ... it was just a dream

understandable they come to this; to respect each other bcs they've shed blood and tears together in a cramped space, scrapped knees to film the holy don't wanna cry, making song and practicing past midnight no matter how sore their joints was/is;

Seventeen gets me emotional because they love each other and love carat so much, it speaks in every of their gesture, word, stare, smile, song, whatever you can think off. To think that they started so small, on that stage where they invited the audience themself, it's so

"and my smiling face as I see them like that" faaaaaaaak

when do you feel proudest of seventeen? 🍚 just when carats love us, i guess which mean’s every single day

Gue sampe buka laptop cuman buat baca

diacak-acak sederetan cowok kpop jam 11 pagi cuman gara-gara artikel, harga diri gue ....

God, I 😭😭😭 you've grown so well seventeen

Gue ngeliat cheol & han, lucu bgt ada bgm & itemnya, and ofc joshua's song is sunday morning

INI APA LAGI. Konten loe banyak banget baru jam 10 😭 thanks

Soalnya kemaren ada yg point out kalau dokter di awal pake cincin svt, & postur tubuh dokter ini di setiap partnya beda-beda. Eg, these are hoshi & cheol?

soalnya ada artikel tentang "they tried to escape based on their past memory". Plotnya mungkin, 1) dokternya simply lagi melakukan riset penelitian & mereka bahannya, 2) they're the doctor who did experiment on his own body, karena riset dia closed? Mau buat super version?