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Jessica William

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AAX becomes Ape-Ape-X🦍 and joins the with our recent purchase of these two specimens for 103 ! In just a few weeks, these gents will be on display in the soon-to-be-launched AAX Gallery indeed.

Proud to see AAX rising in the ranks. Slowly, gradually, but surely -- with purpose.

Bitcoin price dips but BTC dominance rises with US inflation fears via

Look forward to seeing only money involved crypto world. That must be hilarious.

You think crypto’s value is because money invested in them and institutions know better? Wrong! It is the people! The tech! The application! The implication!

1/ One point missing- the crypto that Institutions will be investing won’t have much value if individuals can’t participate the ecosystem.

is , it makes people rich (loss perspective of money) overnight, regardless man or woman.

I wonder if feels the same way. And what’s next?

Many of my friends come to me recently asking about how to buy or . No one, absolutely no one can resist the 100x in one day story. It is mesmerising to be in this swirl. Calling for a rational economic and financial interpretation paper.

But I feel the reality will go to a self sovereignty and national control balanced way. Rather than national control, we can also refer it as collective social contract. Sth worth a conversion with Zizek

What’s More Important Than Price? Adoption. wouldn’t agree more on the transition part. The video that I hope will make people start thinking about Bitcoin beyond investment or beyond finance. reshapes economics and sociology in a greater pic

Is is just entertaining, why people feel so disappointed? Are they expecting anything else than the hilarious truth?

3 year later, when several countries have adopted backed currency issuance system and catching up with and , we will see how forward looking this article is.

Dogecoin keeps on barking | The Daily via pointed out that it is simply a community driven token, don’t waste your time rationalise it.

No matter how many challengers there are, they are still challengING. It is not because is more advanced in terms of technology. It is about never stopped advancING.

Living on is inevitable, either people learn to adopt and harness it, or projects infiltrate your life. already happening

Small corrective dive for . the community is too powerful to resist. No other way but joining the bottom up social restructure