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Hey remember when that Aiba photo in the elevator dropped 152 weeks ago 💚💚💚🔥🔥🔥

💛: Sorry if I kiss you 💚: It's okay if it happens ❤️: I (we) will hold you tight AHHHH ❤️💚💛 And Jun rolling his eyes in the back going "Hurry up!!" 😂

How do you feel about Jun's pants in the photo above?

Happy Wednesday, folks! Hope you're up for a mid-week poll! Jun's pants in this photo: yay or nay?

[Vintage VSA] Sho: Isn't (Nishihata Daigo) part of the Ninomiya Children? Nino: He's a believer of the Ninomiya cult. Ohno: What do you like about Nino? Daigo: As of now, I don't quite understand it myself... Sho/Nino:🤣🤣

Fuma: You watch Janino? How many of our videos have you seen? Daigo: About 60% of them? Nino: Ooh!! Fuma: 60%? That's so little! Daigo:😅 Sorry! Caption: Mister Honesty and No-Flattery Daigo Nino: That's fine!

The guys talk about Kansai Jr Kamei-kun, who likes Fuma. Fuma: Do you know which senpai Kamei-kun respects? Daigo: I watched that episode!* Nino: (proudly) See? He watches Janino! Reference episode:

The guys are headed towards Tokyo Dome! Fuma: I wanna go to the batting center nearby! Daigo: Oh yeah, they have a batting center. Fuma: That's what I've been saying SINCE JUST NOW💢 Daigo: S-sorry! Caption: Please feel the love underneath the unreasonable demands, Daigo

Nino: No, no, you shouldn't drop the suffix when talking about people who aren't here! Caption: Let's not drop the suffix* T/N: Nino wrote "Yobisute yameYOU", where YOU roughly means "Let's" or "Shall we?" But Nino uses the Kanji 陽 which means extrovert (i.e. Fuma)

Fuma: I don't think I'm suited to be a matchmaker. If I had to choose, I'd say Nakamaru* would be a better fit. T/N: Fuma doesn't use the "-kun" suffix here, which is a little rude. It's like calling your teacher by his first name when he's not around.

Daigo is really grateful that Fuma is here with him and Nino. Daigo: If it's just the 2 of us, I wouldn't know what to talk about... Fuma: Am I a matchmaker (overseeing a matchmaking session)?

Daigo: Now I don't know what I like most about him! Nino:😆 Fuma: That's what it means to be attracted to someone. You can't put a finger on it and say definitively, "This is it." T/N: Fuma dropping pearls of fanboy wisdom.

Daigo started to like Nino and thought he was cool because of Yamada Taro Monogatari. Fuma: A masterpiece! Daigo: Then I watched Ryusei no Kizuna and adored him. Fuma: Another masterpiece. T/N: For all his snarky comments, Fuma can't hide that he's an Arashi fanboy

Daigo: (shyly) I like Arashi's Ninomiya-kun. Nino: (fake surprise) EHHH? Fuma: That face just pisses me off!

Nino mentions how Lil Kansai's Ohnishi said on TV that the senpai he looked up to was Fuma. Nino: How about you, Nishihata? Which senpai do you respect? Fuma: You totally rigged the game! (Daigo is famous for his love for Nino)

Fuma's hiding at the back, waiting for the opportune time (i.e. a red light🚦) so that he can reveal himself, but he ends up looking like a serial killer waiting for his next victim.

Daigo: OMG the winker (signal light) keeps moving! Caption: They're called WIPERS. LOL Daigo: Oh no, the winkers won't stop! Caption: Okay fine, you're cute so you can continue to call them winkers.

Daigo literally drives off with the 2 of them hiding in the back seat😱😱 Fuma's HEAD was actually exposed but Daigo was too consumed with driving to notice 🤣 Poor kid was freaked out at driving for the first time in Tokyo and he activates the windscreen wipers by mistake 😰😅

Daigo checks his rear view mirror, completely oblivious to the 2 men hiding in the back. It's his 1st time driving in Tokyo and he's nervous. Daigo: Whoa, this is scary! Caption: You're the scary one for not noticing us. - Yours sincerely, Senpai

Today's guest is none other than the Leader of the Ninomiya Cult's Youth Branch, Nishihata Daigo! He has some trouble putting on his seat belt and Nino bestows him with the additional title of "Seatbelt License Level: Total Beginner" in the captions.