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[Breaking] Arashi's Aiba Masaki and Sakurai Sho announce their marriages. (Not to each other, they have their respective spouses 😂)

[FC message 28/9, Sakurai Sho] ❤Dear FC members, Thank you for your continued support. Today, I have something which I'd like you to be the first to know. I, Sakurai Sho, have gotten married.

[FC message 28/9, Aiba Masaki] 💚Dear FC members, Thank you for your continued support. I have an important announcement to make today.

You can imagine my confusion when I first got to know about the Sakuraiba marriage news and all I saw was this screen shot.

Thankfully other news outlets realized how misleading the headline was (Arashi's Sakurai Sho and Aiba Masaki are married), and they added the caption, "to non-celebrity women respectively". 😂

"Sho-kun & Aiba-chan! Congratulations! Wishing you lots of happiness-!!" - Ikuta Toma

Aiba & Sho raised the bar and sent fancy chocolates to the media outlets along with their marriage announcements. A box of 18 chocolates from Sweets & Deli (Palace Hotel Tokyo) will set you back by 5,400 yen. Flavors include Sakura, Rum, Bergamot Orange & Hojicha😋

Someone RTed the epic Sakuraiba date and it made me all emotional thinking about how Sho & Aiba talked about having their own families back in 2011.🥲

Sho: Say Aiba-kun would cook, and Nino's kid would eat it and say, "Eww!" Aiba: I think they would. Sho: And my kid would be super anal about traveling time and packing up.

In my excitement, I forgot to tweet this! Sho-chan, Aiba-chan, congratulations!! Wishing you both and your partners lifetimes of happiness !! 翔ちゃん、相葉ちゃん、おめでとうございます🍾🎊 末永くお幸せに! 🎵

[Arashi's congratulatory messages, excerpts] 💙You guys are old geezers already, so please take care of your health. 💜You guys really are best buddies! 💛I gave them a treat (at a coffee shop) after hearing the good news. (laughs)

The reporter wrote, "Even while welcoming the milestones in the members' lives, Arashi's excellent teamwork lives on forever." NGL this sentence made me tear up. 😭