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Most everyone knows it is smart to use Tupperware, but. who knew Tupperware was smart? Now YOU do!

What...Tupperware for kids? Start them off with the best. Great gifts for new Moms.

I love the Silicone Forms because foods don't stick, and oven/microwave/freezer safe! Try one or 2!

Freezer Mates® PLUS 8-Pc. Starter Set, Freezer Mates® PLUS Large Shallow, Freezer Mates® PLUS Medium Deep - Not all frozen food containers are the same. Trust Tupperware® quality to protect food better. Save

You never know what is going on inside a person by looking at them. A kind word, smile, or gesture could be just what they needed at that moment.

It's time to get your friends together for food, fun, and shopping! That's just what a Tupperware party is!! Hosts can easily qualify for both of these Host Exclusive Sets for FREE! Let's party!

Will you be serving Ham or Turkey this Thanksgiving or Christmas? Tupperware has the perfect storage container for you. The Classic Flavor Saver has a lift out tray to keep your food elevated above it's juices. The seal keeps the moisture in and dryness out.

It's fall and that means more S'mores! How do you prefer yours? I am an A4

The Freezer Mates Plus are ideal for meal prep and longterm freezer storage like bulk buying, and the CrystalWave Plus is a must for home or on the go! Save on both now!

Have a great Saturday while you spread some kindness and love!

Does your cookware nest like this? Check out the waterless cooking feature.

Limited space when putting out your spread? Easily stack 3 pies for the holidays! This Pie Stackable will fit into the Round Cake Taker too!

Is it time to update your kitchen utensils? Save now!

I love these straws. Having a carrying case for them makes it easy to have them with you wherever you go. Toss in your glovebox, purse, lunch , backpack, etc.

This is an amazing deal, especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming soon.

It's football Sunday and that calls for queso! TupperWave is the perfect cookware to use because it is non-stick, non-stain, and dishwasher safe. The Chip N Dip container is ideal for serving the chips, queso, salsa, and so much more!