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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

[ Yude's Commission Sheets ] Hello! Posting again as I updated my prices. The first two styles are still the same but the other two were raised a bit. (see below for additional info+)

🦩 FLAMINGO PARK IS HERE 🦩🌸 [ BOOTH D04 ] AT COME AND VISIT US & GET YOURSELF SOME NICE MERCH!! 🌸 follow/tag us here & on Instagram!

I miss dropping 🔥🔥🔥 and making syktwt & cbtwt bow down in awe. But I know they're studying and I wish them the best of luck!!

Yuno: WE DRIVE UP THIS WAY, THEY'D NEVER EXPECT US TO GO BACKWARDS!! Dundee:...even I didn't expect it.. we actually got out?? Cops can't predict yuno's behaviour if even his fellow crims have no idea what he's doing 💀

if they do a group photo, i will ofc draw but only after my tests are done

okay i broke hiatus to wish blau happy birthday, going back to my midterm tests now

blau's reaction to yude's birthday art 🥳 :') new profile pic EZ!

[ Dead romantics, we're all frantic Lost in love with all things tragic Young and reckless, living deathless Time is never time when endless ] LITEYEARS - Rhythm In The Stars Happy birthday, Blau! 💙

happy birthday to my fav cringy strimmer 💙 — thanks for being such a chill and positive force in the streaming/gta community :^) you 100% deserve all the love you’ve been getting recently & it’s only going to get better <3

Going on a small hiatus for my test week Take care, love you all 🤍

I don't know why but this had me rolling. But honestly, any and all interaction with Timothy had me rolling.

[ I am your only chance And you know you want it bad I'll make you a deal you can't refuse A deal you'll never lose ] Lyn Lapid - Producer Man The invitation. (That some of them have strikes for already, hope they all make it to the squid games. 😂)

thank you to those that tipped ☺️🤍

[ 🌱 next to Hasan: tiny 🌱 next to Tina: toll ] Sketches of different hugs.

If you enjoy what I do, please support me on Ko-fi!

[ And I just love it when she lies I see the child her in her eyes It could be Hell or Paradise I guess we'll found out We'll find out when we die ] Winona Oak - SHE Commission for 🤍 Hellhound Bimbus with his summoner.

the famous pink hoodie (´▽`)