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Jessica William

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I love so much. The men’s faces on the stage are so classic.

Five military veterans on Sinema's advisory board resigned. They said Sinema’s now one of the "principal obstacles to progress."

Posted without comment because absolutely no comment is needed. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

RT if you know that: 1. COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent you from getting COVID (however, they significantly reduce the likelihood of getting sick). 2. COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent you from dying of COVID (however, they significantly reduce the likelihood of dying).

TRUMP DANCES ON POWELLS GRAVE, the Silence by the PARTY who used to go by GOP is EARTH SHATTERING. Proving once again the SUN raises and SETS on the LARDASS, in the TERRORIST PARTY OF Q, he is their GOD!

I have to agree. Why isn’t there a difference between freedom of speech and freedom of lies?

RT if you believe vote by mail should be available to all voters no matter what state they live in.

Nice to see Wilmer Flores, Travis D’Arnaud, Kevin Plaweki, Hansel Robles, all land on post-season teams. And Zach Wheeler on a contending club. Good for them.

Give me thumbs up and retweet if you trust President Biden. 👍

I’m Josh Shapiro, and I’m running for Governor of Pennsylvania. This is going to be one of the closest races in the country. Right now we have 134.2k followers and we need to have 135k by the end of the day. Will you retweet and follow to help us grow our grassroots team?

When is MLB going to do something about umpires’ bad calls? It’s bad enough when obvious balls are called strikes and Vice versa, but last night’s LAD-SF game was a joke, and Flores’s check-swing getting called a strike to end the game & SF’s season was a travesty.

Instead of criticizing McConnell and backing him into a corner where he has no choice but to dig in or possibly reverse his position, why not give him a tiny shout-out for doing the right thing? 2/

I meant “pose”, not “lose”, but “lose” also works, no? 😂

That is Trump in a nutshell: black is white, white is black. The crime of the century was what Trump did on and up to Jan 6, not Biden’s turning over documents that prove what he did.

Pope looks like he’s thinking “ why do I have to lose with these assholes”

Irony will come back and bite you in the ass.

For the billionth time, if you actually don’t grasp that the President of the United States doesn’t determine gas prices, you are unfit to be in government. In your case, you’re also unfit because you sexually assault women, incite insurrections, and lie about your service record

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