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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Thread of my designs, I'll link just one product per design but you can easily find the rest 🌼🦋

alex stopped in front a collection of street signs. with her green hair sticking out of the hood of her yellow raincoat, she looked like a punk spokesperson for frozen fish sticks.

per ravvivare gli animi in tl

You opened yourself to the dark side for a pair of pretty eyes!

12x10: Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

annabeth turned the blade of her drakon-bone sword, which percy had to admit made her look pretty intimidating and hot in a ‘barbarian princess’ kind of way.

“why are we acting like she’s dead? we can bring her back” i love when thor really tried so hard to bring natasha romanoff back even tho they didn’t have a chance.

its so clear that the concept of anti-hero is completely dismissed when it comes to female characters

This is Rux. He needs everyone to know this is not a phase. This is who he really is. 13/10

this is my favorite sylki scene. the way she looks at him, the little push, the smiles, the way they both are so close and feel comfortable but still nervious. i want to cry again.

Poor man has walked in on Ben and Rey so many times. He has *seen* things.

This boy was so in love 😭

Fingers crossed to . His skill, his sensitivity, his enormous talent, deserve to win.🤞🏻

[Everybody gasps and shields their eyes as Alina's light fills the room. Only Kirigan keeps his gaze on her, who smiles back at him.]

Lo so che é il bare minimum ma é la primissima volta che vedo un uomo famoso fare un discorso sensato e consapevole, e che non svia l'attenzione focalizzandosi sul fatto che sono gli uomini a dover cambiare, non le donne a doverli cambiare

tentata di spammarvelo ogni ora da qui fino all’inizio dell’evento lmao guardate come brilla