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Jessica William

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I wrote a 328 tweet maths thread, so I thought I’ll give it a bit of an index.

The brain is a strange thing.

Every time I see a landscape or even a tree these days I mentally break it down into stitches.

Yeah Stardew Valley gives me feels AC does not. I’ve only played ACNH and it’s extremely cute and I’ve had a great time with the designing, etc. but it’s no Stardew Valley.

Every time I leave the house I come back with more thread. 🤔

It was said in the old days, Egypt writes, Beirut prints, and Iraq reads

Please know your tweet helped lead to this and I thought you should be high fived directly

🎶 Gordon Brown, texture like sun
Lays me down, with my mind she runs
Throughout the night, no need to fight
Never a frown with Gordon Brown 🎶

There’s a bit more going on here re the researchers’s lack of understanding of basic philosophy, but they should also be able to mess around and make fun toys to do silly things without having to claim they do anything serious or effective or good.

Sometimes it's hard to pick out an element of a set even though there is an abundance of elements. Here's one of my favourites...

Martin David suffered a fatal fall in a dark bathroom at The Brick warehouse in Halifax. There was no light switch. Lights were on a cost-saving timer. Management didn't tell staff about manual override. Co-workers tried to save David using phone lights.

In Ireland our movements & communities in struggle are often fragmented, isolated, seeking separate concessions from the powerful But these days have seen activists from many different movts & communities come together across our many differences with a huge generosity of spirit

Some of the original artists were in the room. Others are dead before their time. and inner-city women responded powerfully to each other's experiences of poverty, oppression, trauma and struggle. A very deep solidarity across languages, oceans, decades.

What a fascinating phenomenon to neutrally observe

When the topic is taxes, it's "If you think about it, $250,000/yr isn't really 'rich'" and when the topic is the social safety net it's "Hearing, seeing, and chewing sound like luxury activities, here's some Kohl's Cash"

the saccharine sheen put over the unforgiving face of capitalism when KFC tells you that they're 'cluckin' delighted' that you applied but they want you to 'get more experience under your wing' would have me reaching for the kalashnikov and reading on guerilla warfare

Again, it’s hard to see how you can be a professional understander of politics who is constantly and reliably shocked to the core by the most basic, entirely predictable political events, over and over, unless you’re being paid for having the brain of a golden retriever.

So excited for this, I loved the Submachine series.