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Jessica William

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ok i added a dramatic waltz music and i wanna scream!!!! SNOWDROP COMING SOON JISOO JUNG HAE IN

I miss hearing your giggles, Jisoo. it’s been a while since your last vlive. come feed us 🥲

-base foto yang mengandung bawang dimana mata mereka ber3 udah berkaca-kaca mau nangis 🥺 kalian harus tau jisoo gapernah nangis dihadapan publik tapi karena ini jisoo hampir nangis 😭 kangen jinjido 🥺😭🤍

hmm I guess it’s just not my cup of tea

she lost her husband, her kids perished in the famine, she lost her house in a tornado..

yes screw teddy

this song is one of Jisoo’s favorites so… here me out. if Jisoo ever listens to Lisa and do edm… Daft Punk x Jisoo 🤯

See Dior global fashion and beauty ambassador JISOO as she experienced the event that was held at The Hyundai Seoul, wearing a denim jacket, tulle skirt, 'D-Fight' ankle boots and with a blue velvet Medium , all by Maria Grazia Chiuri. © Harper's Bazaar Korea

블랙핑크 지수 : 네이버 통합검색

"lovely kim jisoo" 블랙핑크 지수, '설강화' 티저 속 애절한 로맨스 분위기 '눈길' 출처 : 황선용

Snowdrop '설강화' 정해인-지수의 애절한 로맨스..티저 영상 공개 출처 : 헤럴드POP | 네이버 TV연예

why is s worded. were they a sacrifice? are we getting the next Snowdrop teaser?

rosé it’s time to invest in healthy hair again lol

i’m still not over this kim jisoo

JISOO, the BLACKPINK singer, actress and Dior fashion and beauty ambassador got up close with an embroidered at the installation dedicated to the iconic bag that was located at The Hyundai Seoul. © Harper's Bazaar Korea