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Jessica William

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the math is mathing

correction,, this is their final song preview, which will be performed by 18 girls !! whereas <shine> was sang by xiaoting, ruiqi, dayeon, and yujin in the preview

<Shine> Preview by Kim Bora, Nonaka Shana, Kim Chaehyun, and Kang Yeseo

널 λ―Ώμ–΄ !! κΌ­ 데뷔해야됑 🀍

*Huang Xingqiao: See the fans singing and dancing for her instead

μ˜€μ›….. μ”¨μ œμ΄ 광야이닀

i forgot to put watermark again πŸ₯² kindly give credits if reposting to another platform tysm!

Q: If I get to debut, what do I want to do with Planet Guardians? κΉ€μˆ˜μ—°: Go to an arcade, play a gun fight γ…Žγ…Ž Oh not a gun fight. If I get to debut, I want to go to an internet cafe, play games, go to Summoners War, eat something delicious.. I want to have fun like that 😊

it's thursday morning for me alr hello

we're gonna see the debut group tomorrow TOMORROW... i thought we were all just joking here..

fcenm scouted our black mamba member as well omg they're really gathering the eliminated gugugus

pov: you're about to touch the hand of the world's most stunning woman.

nah, i hate yall who only like luofei visual.. where are yall when she was still in the show.. didnt notice her, never vote for her.. like damn?

all i'm saying is that we could've had zhang luofei.