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Graphic Designer

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PHP Developer


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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I am so in love with Namjoon it’s insane

We love this floral tea dress from . Perfect for summer polo or trials events 🐎

At this time has warbler grass long love is on the road 外围 vx:Tbb708

Happy birthday to sexiest man alive!!! The only man who has ever mattered!! you are a light in the lives of anyone who is fortunate enough to know you and my adoration for you knows no bounds. I love you endlessly. Get hella bitches today (but sharing is caring) 🙂

😂 Actually starting back up today at the gym. 💪

Gotta Love It from Get A Grip by Aerosmith Happy Birthday, Joey Kramer!

living together for three years and counting 💫🌼✨ i love mashiho & jihoon’s bond 🥺💛

Namkook are the prettiest I’m so in love

I love you mert. 🇹🇷

👩🏻 the wind loves me 👨🏻 well, i am the wind

my comfort, my happiness — my forever love jaewook thank you for today <3

gm remember to stay hydrated!! have a nice day lino loves u <3

order for : from : anon 💌 : You're so amazing!!! I really admire all the work you do for Favorite and Dears. We love you so much! I hope that you're able to meet them in person someday ❤ + a super big hug !! <3 thank you for ordering ! ♡。*゚+.*.。

Mingyu as bestie who loves taking pictures/videos of Wonwoo aka the sakura and tomoyo of seventeen


the icon the owner

behind the scenes for ready to love

Good morning tl how y’all doing today? Have an amazing Monday💜 reminder: this man right here loves you!